Thursday, September 28, 2006

Its all who you know....

So a week or so ago my sister mentioned that one of her friend's mom is a teacher in Merritt. I guess she has never called in sick, so she has a lot of sick days collected over the years. So jokingly my sister said to her friend, well you should tell your mom to start taking them, and she should ask for my sister! Anyway so this morning my phone rings at 7am and I thought it was a call for today... But they were phoning to book me for tomorrow. She said the name of the teacher and the school, and that I would be in a grade 3/4 class for the day. I was so excited, to be called for elm. school. So I come out to the kitchen to share my news, and I said the name of the school. And my sister was like who is the teacher.. So I said her name and she was like "hey that is Kate's mom"... So I think this is really exciting. I am not sure if this teacher requested me or not... But it would be kind of cool if she did. So my goal is to make an excellent impression so that I get called for her again :)
I went to a TOC union meeting yesterday and learned some interesting information. They sort of explained how the call out procedure works. And the first people to get called are those who are preferred in the district and requested. Then they go on a rotation, starting with those who live in Merritt. But this is exciting for me, because if this lady has as many sick days saved up as it sounds like it, then maybe I will get lots of work in her class.. And if other teachers see my face around there, maybe they will request me too hehe :) Regardless I can't wait to be in an elm. class again.
This morning, when I came home from running a couple of errands, the elm. school near my place was doing a run (I am thinking maybe terry fox) so there were hundreds of kids just running downt he street. So I couldn't help but stay outside for a few min and watch. It was interesting to see, I recognized a few kids from when I did my volunteer work there years ago. It just shows me how much I miss working with children at that level, and I can't wait til that happens for me...

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

subbing in high school...

So since I have started my time subbing in Merritt, I have found myself being called a lot for high school. The very first time I was called I was kind of freaked out. It was way out of my element... But the day went fairly well.. Since then I have been called for high school many times. I am begining to recognize faces since I have been teaching the same grades in a variety of subjects. There are the ups and downs of high school. It is a plus because for the most part they are very independent and they don't need me to hold their hand the whole time. I tell them there work and for the most part they get it done..I don't have to do a lot of teaching, it is more or less supervising... However, the downside is sometimes they try to test me.. And way more than the little guys do. But I have showed them that I won't take much crap... So in that sense we usually have a good day :) So today is another day where I get to sit and hang out... and make sure they stay on task :) Oh well regardless of how my day ends up it works out to be $190 in my pocket!!!

Monday, September 25, 2006

no time for me

Well it is hard to believe that it is almost the end of September. I am not really sure where the time has gone! All I know is that it has gone by way too fast. I have been keeping myself very busy... somedays a little too busy for comfort, but it keeps me out of trouble! Basically during the week my day consists of waking up at 6am, showering and getting ready. Last week I was called every day.. So the phone call usually happens at 645 which gives me 30 min to finish getting ready, have breakfast and pack a bag. I leave here by 715, and make my way to Merritt, and teach for the day. Now the fun part is Wed-Fri I work at CT at 530, so by the time I leave Merritt, and get back to town, I have time to quickly eat something and then head back to work. Oh the joys of working two jobs! And then on the weekends, I am of course at CT because why would I have a life!! So lately I have been working 7 days a week.. I know the money is good, but it is getting a bit tiring.. and I can feel myself getting worn out. However, this morning I did not get a call, so I actually have a whole day off. Yahoo!
But teaching is going well. I have been called to sub at the high school a lot, which is slightly out of my league, but it has been fun! For the most part the students are fairly helpful and well behaved. It is interesting I have taught everything from English, to comparative civ, to cooking, to art and photography! Gives me a little taste of everything. I just hope I don't get called for the sciences, or math...
As for CT it is about as good as it can get. My shifts go by fast, I usually have lots to do, and weekends are usually so busy that it keeps me on my toes. It is sad that a lot of the old staff isn't there anymore, but in a way it is good because it keeps me from going in and visiting for hours!! I have met some of the new staff and have made a couple new friends... Life is always entertaining when I go and visit my boys in the warehouse... Well it is fun until somoene sneaks up on me and scares the crap out of me... He thought it was funny though. :)
Well that is my life currently... more to share soon :)

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


I thought that I would take a few min and send out a Congrats to my former classmates of EY04. I have heard from a few people that quite a few postings went up in the Prince George district, and that many of my classmates were applying. I was first excited just to hear that people were getting interviews! But I have now heard of I think 6 or 7 people who have gotten some sort of contract. I am so happy for everyone! I knew we would all do well, but it is nice to hear that it is happening to many so early on in our careers! So congrats to all of those who have recieved a contract.... :) And best of luck to those of you who have got an interview, a job may be in the future :)

Big Brother: All Stars

Seven years ago I heard about a little reality tv show called "Big Brother". After the first few episodes I was hooked. It then became something to look forward to every summer. This year I was very excited to see that it was going to be an All star cast. When this season began I was originally cheering for the season 6 crew, since out of everyone in the house these 4 were probably my fav. But as the game went on, and lies were told (which of course is expected in this game)I started to like Howie less, Kaysar I thought was being a wimp, and I wasn't sure what to think of Janelle... So then my cheering changed gears a bit and I was rooting for James (still season 6) and Danielle... However, when it came down to the final four (Janelle, Mike, Erika and Will) I was def back on Janelle's side. So I have to say I was very disappointed to see that Mike and Erika were the final two people in the house. I don't really think either one of them deserved to be there. So in the end Mike won, I guess in some ways he did play the game better, but I don't like the way he treated Erika, using her to get what he wants.. Then again she claims he was using her too. But I think when she sits back and watches all of these episodes, she will see what a fool she was, and perhaps in that sense she didn't deserve the money.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

"The Illusionist"

So a couple of weeks ago, I was talking to my aunt and she mentioned how her and my uncle went and saw the movie "The Illusionist". i had never heard of it, but she was saying how good it was. So I looked it up, and saw that it opened in select cities in August, and everywhere else at the begining of September. So I had kind of forgot about it until today, I was looking at the paper and saw it was here. So I decided I wanted to go see it. I convinced Julia to go with me, even though she was unsure exactly what the story line was. But then again, so was I.. All I knew was that it was starring Edward Norton, who I really enjoy and the movie was about an illusionist, and a love story. Sounded good to me.. Well needless to say I really enjoyed it. I think that Edward Norton is an amazing actor. And the movie has lots of good twists and turns, which keeps you on your toes :) So I reccommend this movie. It does move kind of slow in parts, but overall I think it is worth it.

Friday, September 08, 2006

First Teaching job :)

So this morning at 645, my phone rang and it was the lady in Merritt calling me and asking me if I was available to work today! So of course I said yes. She told me it was at the high school and gave me the name of the teacher. So I ran around my house like a mad woman and probably got ready in like 30 min. so I drove to merritt found the high school and went and introduced myself! I found out that I was going to be teaching 2 English 9 classes, and 2 PE 10 classes. For English it wasn't too bad, there were a couple of kids who tried to test me but I wasn't going to let them get to me. For PE I didn't have to teach which was a good thing since I wouldn't have survived! (haha) another teacher who has the same block just took both blocks and I got to observe.. Then at the end of the day in my last block we had a pep rally.. it was battle of the grades. and it was highly entertaining! So I survived my first day which is good... But I am def. not cut out for high school. I mean it is fun, but yah I am happy with my little guys :)

PS Curt thanks for the help :) I know it probably didn't seem like much but just talking to you for those few min, was very useful.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

sold my soul...

Well it's offical... yesterday i went into the store, and filled out all the paperwork.. I have sold my soul... haha.. Well not really..But it means this whole idea of me actually going back to work for CT has truly become a reality! I was ok with it until I went in yesterday and started signing forms, and then all of a sudden it hit me and I was thinking man what am I doing. But then the other little voice inside my head said "you need to pay for gas somehow!" So today is my first shift. I am going to be working 1-930. The manager told me yesterday that he has the "best" training me. She is a really great person though so it should be fun... I guess.. As fun as work can be I suppose :) I just hope it goes by fast!!! And then I am back again tomorrow 1030-7, as long as I don't get called in for work in Merritt... But I should head off to work here shortly.... hope I survive it :)

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

back to school

Well today marks the day, when all the students, young and old go back to school. Last night it sort of hit me, that this is the first year I will not be doing that. It is kind of weird. I have been listening to my sister, talk about classes, teachers and times. I even went with her to the university to get books. But none of it really sunk in until this morning. I drove Julia to work (since she is also not going to school) and then my mom and I went for a walk. And we walked past an elm. school and we watched all the little ones heading to school, and the older ones waiting for the bus to take them to high school. I know I will be going to school, just in a different way. i will be the teacher... But I can't imagine teachers needing subs anytime soon. So in the mean time I just sit and wait.....

Saturday, September 02, 2006

I don't even like the color red!!!

Well for those of you who talk to me on a regular basis, know that I am currently not doing anything and I am going crazy. The boredom is really starting to get to me. When I first moved back to Kamloops, I went in to see the very few staff that I currently know at CT just to say hello, and my old manager offered me my job back. I said thank you, but at the moment I wasn't interested. Only because I didn't know what was happening with my teaching career etc. Well time went by, and a friend of mine who is the assisstant manager saw me one time when I was in the store, and he offered me a job. Once again I said thanks, but I will think about it.... So time has gone by and the boredom has gotten worse and worse. And the money that I have, isn't lasting, probably because I spend it on silly things! Anyway so today I went up to the store to drop something off for my sister, and my friend saw me and he was like so... how are you.. and I was like alright, but I need money.. And he then had a big grin on his face and said ok, lets talk. So I spent an hour in his office, talking about different things, including the position I would be getting. I won't be going to work on cash/customer service anymore which is kind of nice. I will be doing cash relief though, but that I can handle.. I haven't quite figured out my role, but I guess the change will be good. I just can't believe I am going back! After I finally quit I thought I would never wear the red uniform again... Oh well, it will give me something to do, and it will give me some money so I guess it isn't entirely the end of the world...However I have to keep asking myself "what did I get myself into".