Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Catch and Release

On Saturday night, my sister and I attempted to go to the movies to see Catch and Release. However, it was so busy there, and the other person who was meeting us was late, so we didn't get to see the movie. So we went for appies instead. Last night we tried to go again, and this time we were successful. For those of you who don't knwo the story line it is about a girl named Grey (played by Jennifer Garner) who's fiance dies on his batchelor party weekend. So it is her story discovering herself and who he really was. The movie had its moments where you were on the verge of tears, but thanks to Kevin Smith, he had you laughing moments later. I really like Jennifer Garner as an actress so I enjoyed this movie. But I think for me Kevin Smith made the movie. I find him very funny, and I usually enjoy the films that he is a part of. I am not sure that this movie is necessarily one to rush to the theatres to see, but it is def. worth the rent!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Playstation games...

So last week Julia decided to buy PlayStation 2. I know, I know we are behind in the times, they just released the third one. But before that we had game cube, and then regular nintento! Anyway the reason she wanted to buy a ps2 is because she wanted to play this game called Singstar. So she bought the game station at Costco which came with an ATV racing game and Basketball, and my mom bought her the singstar game. So that day we came home, and she was like you have to just try and sing. And I was like I can't sing.. But I figured it would be fun. Which it is. We spent a couple of hours just singing along, challenging each other for points. Cuz you see you don't have to actually be good at singing to win. All you have to do is be able to follow the tune to a degree, whether it is in tune or not doesn't seem to matter! Then the other day my other sister came home with the American Idol game. So it is another singing game, but this time you get to pick your character and you get to sing in front of the judges! Let me tell you the game is addicting... And last but not least, two days ago Julia came home with Dance Dance Revolution!! I have learned that not only can I not sing, I have no coordination whatsoever. But it is tons of fun. Plus I figure it can help with the coordination, and the active moment, is the closest I am going to get to working out! I am too lazy to go jump on the treadmill, but to make a fool of myself on a dance pad is right up my alley :) Like this afternoon Paula and I danced for an hour. And I actually started to get good! yay for me. So while I may not be getting any teaching calls, I am learning how to dance and how to sing :) haha... maybe I should drop the teaching thing and just audition for Canadian Idol........ YAH right!!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Getting the Winter Blues

I know I have said it before, and I will say it again.... I am getting REALLY tired of this whole winter thing. Yesterday when I got up, it had snowed maybe 2cm or snow. No big deal. This morning I wake up, and it is lightly snowing once again. I didn't get a call.. So I figured I would go out and finish shovelling the driveway for my mom. She only did behind her car so she could leave for work. So I do the other side, and quickly go over her side again. I come inside, have some more coffee, some breakfast and watch tv. I look out the window and the snow is still coming down. My sister has a driving lesson scheduled for 2pm, and is starting to worry because she had not driven in the snow. I said, oh it will be fine. So we watch a little more tv. Just after 11 we decide it is time to get moving. She starts doing chores around the house, and so I looked out the window, and yup it is still snowing. Although now it is getting heavier. So I think to myself well I should get out there and shovel again before my mom comes home. So I go out there, and realize that a lot more snow has fallen than I realized. As I am working away, listening to my ipod Julia comes out and says her driving lesson has been cancelled because the roads are getting pretty bad! Super!! So she was happy about that, and I continued shovelling, and more than once came very close to wiping out. My driveway is like a death trap waiting to happen! One of these days I am going to hurt myself. So the good news is, I am not going to be stuck in Merritt cuz well I am at home. But the bad news is I will eventually have to venture out in this awful weather to hang out at good old CT. Lucky me. I am so finished with winter.. I am ready for spring!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Teaching day one ;)

Well this morning, I got a call for teaching. So I was quite thrilled about this. I was also a little thrown off by the call though because I was told I was going to the Community Learning Center. So i was not entirely sure what I was in for. But I was told I was only to be there from 845-12. So I leave a bit earlier than I normally would in case the roads were slippery and because I was not entirely sure where I was going. The roads were not bad and it was easy to find, so I got there with plenty time to spare. So I go in and introduce myself to the other teacher there, and find out that this place is kind of like an alternate school. They have students from around 13-18. Then I was asked how I felt about cooking. And I was like alright.. (thinking oh they are going to cook and I just have to help). NOPE.. Was I ever wrong. The teacher I was subbing for, it was his day to cook lunch.. which means I got to cook. So then I was asked what I like to cook, or what I could cook. I didn't want to admit I can't cook ANYTHING so I said simple things... So he suggessted Spaghetti. So they sent me to the groecery store to get the stuff I needed. And then I came back. And there was a student who helped me out. And all I have to say is thank goodness for her, or things probably wouldn't have gone so smoothly. She said she loved to cook, so that was good. Now for any of you who truly know me, you will understand and appreciate the fact that I was able to cook this meal to feed 20 people, I didn't burn the building down and the food tasted good! I was invited to stay for lunch :) So although it was only a part day, it was a good one ;) And even better because I get at least one days pay for the month of january!

Monday, January 15, 2007

Text Messaging vs face to face communication

So I am quite aware of the fact, that I can be seen as someone who is addicted to my cell phone. And I know that I send my fair share of text msgs! Its kind of fun, and in some cases it is cheaper for me to send a text msg to someone than it is to make the long distance phone call. However, I watched something the other night, and I can only hope that I am not that bad. But just to be safe, I am going to attempt to change my ways.. Anyway so the other night I went to this small gathering for a guy at work. He quit CT and is moving to do something with the pine beetle. Anyway so we were all hanging out, and I was talking to this guy Ben, and we looked around the room. And every single person in the room (except for me and Ben) had out their cell phones, and they were either talking on them, or sending text msgs. And I looked at Ben and I was like wow, talk about anti-social people. Here we are all in a room, yet no one was talking to each other. And the more I started thinking about it, it seems as though our society is turning this way more and more. People are becoming more self absorbed (perhaps not the right word but go with me on this one). More and more you see people walking down the street listening to their ipods, drowning out what is going on around them. One night I went to the movies with some people. And one of the people I was with, was sending text msgs while watching the movie! Even I am not that bad, I turn the cell phone off when I am at movies...
Anyway so the other night at this party, I said to Ben, I really hope that I am not that bad. So I am trying this thing, where I ignore the constant beep of my phone when I am watching tv with the family (in fact some days I leave it in another room haha). And I try to not respond to as many text msgs when I am out with friends.. I realized that the ppl with I am with is just as good company, if not better than the ppl I am sending text msgs too. So to any of you, who put up with my constant txt msgs I am sorry! And to the rest of the world.. When you are with a group of ppl, put the phone away ;) We want to talk to you...

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Teaching in 2007?

Well this is the first week back to school since Christmas break. I got up bright and early Monday morning, not really thinking I would get the call, but I figured it was good to start getting into a routine again. No more sleeping in for me! Tuesday morning, same thing, I got up, and no call... Until around 730 when the phone rang. It startled me especially when it said it was the school board. She was calling to book me for Wednesday afternoon. Yes it kind of sucks to drive all that way to only teach from 1230-3, but I was thinking to myself, hey at least I got a call, which means money will be put into my bank account. Early Tuesday evening it began to rain, and I thought to myself, oh that will be fun if it freezes over night. But my mom was watching the weather channel (which cant be trusted by the way!) and it was supposed to stay above freezing. Well a little while later, I look out the window, and the rain has progressed to snow. I pointed this out to my mom, who then turned back to the weather channel, and was still convinced it wouldn't be a big deal, it only called for 1cm overnight.. So we watched the People's Choice Awards. When that was done I looked outside and it had sort of stopped snowing, which was a good thing. So I decided to be a good daughter and go shovel the driveway so that my mom or dad didn't have to deal with it in the morning. So I get out there and let me tell you how much fun that way. Under the snow of course was ice, due to the rain previous. And my driveway has a bit of an incline, so I slid to the bottom a few times. Lucky for me two of my neighbors were out and they actually came and helped me shovel my driveway. So after I did that, I came in, and started to worry about the drive the following morning. If my driveway was slick, what would the roads be like. Then I get a call from my youngest sister, trying to figure out how she would get home from her friends house, since her friends dad was stuck at the bottom of Summitt (one of the main roads), and he was walking home. The roads were awful! So I started to worry some more, and I came to my computer and looked up the highway conditions. It said that they were slippery but the sanders and plows were out. So I figured ok, by the time I have to leave here, it will be fine.. Well I didnt' sleep well that night, and I was wide awake at 7am. So I got up looked out the window to see that more snow had fallen and you couldn't even tell I had shovelled. Then my mom was listening to the radio, and there was a travel advisery out for the highway from here to Merritt. Basically saying please dont' travel unless absolutley necessary. So my mom starts asking if I can get out of going, because she didn't want me driving. I thought about it for a few moments, and then decided to phone the call out lady and just talk to her. All I have to say is that I am so thankful that she is such an understanding woman. She told me that my safety was very important, and not to worry she would find someone else, and I would not be penalized. I was disappointed that I didn't get back into the teaching thing, but at the same time I was glad I didn't have to take that chance. And I guess it is a good thing I didn't go, because currently my dad is stuck in Merritt because he didn't want to chance the roads home yesterday!
So all I can pray for, is that this crazy weather soon comes to an end, and the teaching calls pick up again :) On another note, I have started to apply to other cities again, so I am hoping something works out...

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Lady in the Water.

So tonight, as a family we watched the movie "Lady in the Water". I didn't know much about the movie going into it, and I didn't really remember what I had seen for previews. But I knew that the director of this movie was also the guy that did The Sixth Sense, And the Village (which i have not seen yet). So I figured it must be fairly decent. Well the movie starts off a bit slow, as the characters develop and so on, but overall I really enjoyed it. There were a couple of puzzle pieces we as the audience had to put together. There was no huge twist, like in Sixth Sense, but there were a couple parts in the movie that had me on the edge of my seat. And it doesn't help when my mom lets out a giant scream, which then of course leads to us all to jump out of our seats. I enjoyed this movie though for the most part, and my sisters were surprised I wanted to watch it since I am not keen on anything scary. I would like to say that I want to see the Village now because I seem to like his work, but lets take baby steps here... unless someone can convince me that it isn't that scary... One thing I think that amused me was watching the special features after. One of the options was "Lady in the Water" the bedtime story. So I was thinking ok they are going to tell us the myth that this was created for. But it turns out it was a story that he told his kids, and actually turned into a bedtime story for children. Although I would be interested in seeing this book for myself, I can't say that a creepy story is my idea of a bedtime story for my children. But perhaps that is just me!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year..

Well it is hard to believe that 2006 has come and gone so quickly. It doesn't feel like it was that long ago, that I was entering the last semester of school, enjoying my 10 week practicum and graduating with my second degree, before moving back to Kamloops. Time flies when we are having fun! Well I had no intentions of doing anything big for New years. I just wanted to stay at home, maybe watch some movies, anything low key. I was invited to a couple of parties but nothing really struck an interest. So my friend Kristen and I decided, we would get together for pizza, girl talk and drinks. So she came over and we ate. Then my sister had a couple of friends over, so we played the game "dirty minds". And let me tell you, I never realized how far my mind can go into the gutter before playing this game. So we played a few rounds before my mom came downstairs to tell us it was only five min away til midnight. So we all went upstairs to join my mom's party and to bring in the new year. We all got fancy hats and noise makers! After that we watched some of Dick Clarks rockin' new years, and I spent some time, texting friends Happy New Years wishes, and making a couple of drunken phone calls! It was a really good night, and the best part was when I woke up I felt fine!

New years day was a very lazy day. I watched some of the count down on Much Music, and read and then me and the family played Scene It.
So every year people make new years resolutions, which they tend to never keep. And I am usually one of these people. Like every year I would like to lose weight, and get in better shape. I am on the right track since I have lost 25 pounds since I moved home, and that was just because I stopped eating fast food. So I figure a little exercise, and who knows what it can do! I have also decided that I need to be strong, and stop letting people walk all over me. Although this hasn't been a huge problem in the last few years, there have been certain situations that I would do over again if I could. I also want to make a vow to spend more time with family and friends. And since I can't be with many of my friends in PG, I am making a promise to be better about emails and phone calls :) So we will see what happens with that...