Monday, July 31, 2006

How much is too much?

Well I would like to think that I was productive today in the packing sense, but lets face it I was far from it! haha. I got up this morning and did some packing while watching "The View". Then I got on the phone and cancelled my internet for next week, and did a change of address for my credit cards. That in itself took forever since I spent more time on hold than I did anything else. Then I was like what would I rather do, pack or see what Curt is doing? And of course I chose the latter. So I picked up Curt, and we went to Staples, and then to the school board office, and then to Costco to get some pictures developed. I wanted some of the pictures from my trip home a couple weekends ago. So we wandered around Costco, admiring all the furniture, and I looked at all the books I want to read but probably never will! Then we decided that I would just come back for the pictures later, so we went back to Curt's place to hang out. So we hung out for a bit, I showed Curt how to link his blog to mine (cuz we are just that cool) and then we watched some tv. Meanwhile I was starting to get very hungry. We were watching an episode of Seinfield (when they go to this restaurant, and the whole episode is them trying to get a table) when Curt turned to me and said we should go for dinner. So we went and picked up my pictures and then went to this place called "the China cup" Basically you walk in, pay for the buffet, and then you eat til you are ready to burst! I was hungry so I thought this can't get any better. However if there is one thing I tend to forget when I go to places like this, it is that my eyes are usually WAY bigger than my stomach. I think it has something to do with the fact that it is all you can eat for a certain price. So whne I go back for seconds, I think hey you have to get your money's worth. However, I am pretty sure Curt and I were a sore sight, as we sat looking at our plates, thinking we didn't want to waste the food, but at the same time we were going to be sick if we had one more bite! So now ppl with common sense would be like yup we are full lets go... But noooooooo there was soft ice cream to be had. So we somehow mustered up some room, and we went and got icecream! And I wonder why I dont' feel well now? haha. So we sort of waddled out of the restaurant and came home to relax!! But the thing I find most amusing is one would think that I would learn. I always eat way too much, and you would think it would be an easy mistake to learn from. But nope, every time the same thing!!!

Can't Sleep

Well today was a bit more productive than yesterday but not by much. Yesterday i literally sat on the computer for most of the day. I thought about packing but never got to it. Finally around 3 I was hungry so I msged my friend Stefani and we went to BP for a late lunch. We sat there and chatted for like 2 hours, and sat a bit longer to wait out the rain. Then I came home, and sat on the computer some more, until 7ish when I went over to Curts to hang out. So although unproductive i twas a good day. Today however, I got up and did do some packing. I did some cleaning and I also watched the movie Driving Miss Daisy (kind of slow moving but I enjoyed it). Then tonight I watched Big Brother All Stars, and then found myself back at the computer looking for something to do. I didn't really have anything that had inspired me to want to write a blog entry and there wasn't really anyone online to talk to... so I was like that's it I am going to bed. However, I can't sleep, so now I am back here! haha.
I think part of the reason I am having such a hard time sleeping is because my mind is just racing. I think of all these things I have to do still in the next week, and the things I want to do. And all the other thoughts buzzing through my mind. Sometimes I wish I could just turn the brain off... then maybe I would get a good night sleep. But I cna't turn my brain off, so I guess I deal with all the unwanted thoughts circulating my mind... But if anyone has any tips on how to fall asleep I would love to read about them. I am thinking this is going to be kind of a stressful week so I am willing to try almost anything at this point to try and get some shut eye. :)

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Phone Etiquette

So I have a new pet peeve. I understand that we all have lives so there are going to be times when we are busy or not home. But that is the joy of technology and the use of caller id and voice mail/answering machines! That way if you are busy the person trying to call you can leave a msg, or at least you can see who has called you and return the phone call. At least that is how I thought it worked! For example one of my friends phoned another one of our friends a few times and has left msgs... It has now been I dont' know how long and still no call back! I understand like I said we all have lives and get busy, but it would take 30 seconds to call back and just say hows it going..... I also have a friend, who rarely answers the phone. And even better yet, never returns the call! I really have no point to this blog, other than it drives me crazy when people do not call back! I try to return phone calls, simply because I know it is the polite thing to do. For example I got off work last week and noticed that Curt had called me. I knew I was leaving that afternoon to head to Kamloops for the weekend. However, I took that 2 min out of my life to call and just say hows it going. Its not that hard ppl!!!!!!

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Ode to my neighborhood!

I thought I would just take a minute and share a picture with everyone. A couple of weeks ago, this is what I got to look at when I looked out my window! Talk about an apartment with a view! I am not sure exactly what happened. I think perhaps the people who were renting, left, and it was the poor owners trying to clean it out. However this is the nice pile of "garbage" within the duplex that sat on the front lawn for weeks.

So it has been two years now since I moved to Prince George. Prior to moving here, my mom and I made a weekend trip to scope out places to live. I talked to my friends boyfriend, told me to stay away from a street called Abahu. A lady from work told me to stay away from streets with "tree names". So when we got here and we talked to the lady at the front desk at Esthers in she showed us a map and marked the areas to stay away from and both areas previously mentioned were circled! So my mom and I hit the pavement the next day, and of course the place I am living in I had fallen in love with on the internet. Not so much because of it's appearance but it just seemed like such a happy place to live (I guess that is how they sell things online!) Anyway so end of August rolls around and I move up here and I think to myself this is kind of interesting. I guess I didn't really pay attention to the neighborhood. Then I had interesting evenings with the girl who lived across the hall. cops came a couple of times. But neighbors in my building came and went. And in fact although the neighborhood was kind of run down I never really had a lot of complaints. Until the above duplex had their most recent tenants. There were always ppl coming and going and sometimes I wondered just how many ppl lived there. One night I woke up to the sound of smashing glass, looked out the window and someone had a 2x4 in their hand and was smashing in the front window. And then a few weeks ago I witnessed a man trying to throw a woman out of the place. (which I then called the cops). Which brings us back to present day where I got to look at that lovely image for days on end. It has since been cleaned up... however I am pretty sure I will not miss living here :) And any time I do all I will have to do is look at the pictures and I am pretty sure I will get over it :) haha .

Friday, July 28, 2006

Procrastinating Packing!

Well I have come to the decision that I hate packing and I hate the idea of moving. Not that I don't want to go back to Kamloops Parts of me really does. I just really hate the packing aspect of it. And of course leaving behind the friends I have made up here. So within the last week I decided I really needed to get motivated, so I packed up the bookshelf in my computer room and the one in my bedroom! Then I packed all my cds, all my dvds and all my breakable in the living room. I was on a roll. But then I ran out of paper and I was running low on boxes so my excuse was no more packing for me! However, when I went home to visit my mom loaded me up with boxes and we went to the newspaper and bought me a new roll of paper, so really I can't use that as an excuse! So far I have created a blog, went for coffee, went shopping, and watched movies and or tv instead of packing! However, yesterday my internet decided to crash, there was nothing on tv, and telus' lines were down so I couldn't send text msgs (anyone who knows me would know that would be the death of me haha) So I packed up my computer desk! My first thought was to sort and organize the million and one things in it. And I kind of did, but a lot of the papers just got tossed into a box for now.
So I was talking to my mom tonight and she asked if I needed more boxes... I told her I would let her know in a few days, which means I guess I have to do some packing. I just hate it because I don't know where to begin. And really as things end up in boxes it starts to upset me because it makes the move that much more real. Oh well I just have to keep telling myself that good things will come out of this move :)

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Back to the "blogging" board...

Well I was first introduced to the idea of "blogging" during my two years in the Elm. Education program. At first it seemed like a pain in the ass, but it soon became a lot of fun, and kind of addictive. I am not too sure how many hundreds of time I would check out my blog to see if anyone had left me a comment. Once classes were over, both blogs that I started were kind of forgotten about. Probably because one was related to fine arts and the other one was dedicated to childrens literature! Then I started to use the "my space" via msn and I started to keep that blog updated to a degree. But then I realized that only the people on my msn list could actually read that. So I have been doing some thinking and I decided to restart my own blog on this website. That way those who care (and perhaps there will be no one) can read this and see what is going on in my life. It is also a good place for me to express what is going on in my head. I guess in someways it is like a public journal! Perhaps I will influence others to start their own blogs. I would be interested to see what other people are up to as well, and what makes ppl tick? So this is my introduction to my life ahead. haha. Keep reading :)