Friday, December 29, 2006

The Holiday...

So tonight I went and saw the movie "The Holiday" starring, Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jude Law and Jack Black. First I must say I am a sucker for a romantic comedy, and just seeing the previews, I knew this movie would be great. And it was. I loved the little love story that happened between Amanda (Cameron Diaz) and Graham (Jude Law). They were cute and funny together, enjoying each other's company in England. On the otherside of the world in LA, Iris (Winslett) was learning more about self-love, which I also really liked. Mostly because I think that is one of the most important things (so I have been told). To be able to love yourself before you can love. Normally I find Jack Black to be a bit over the top, but I really enjoyed him in this film. Maybe it was because he didn't take the lead role. Overall this is a great movie filled with laughs, and tears of joy. Perhaps a bit of a chick flick, but well worth it.. So Curt this one would be ok for you to rent with Steph, or you know one that you could be "dragged to" haha.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Christmas is over :(

Its funny how there is so much build up to Christmas, and then after one day it is over. As of December 1st, I begin to get very excited for christmas. The Christmas carols start to play, and I attempt to start my Christmas shopping. This year I really got into things, and I may have bought one too many gifts. But I just couldn't help it, I just kept seeing things that would be so perfect for individuals. And I mailed out, I don't know how many Christmas cards, and gave out 65 alone at work. My mom kept commenting on how many I would recieve in return in the mail. It made me feel really special :) But it also made me really miss my friends in PG. The build up to Christmas with the rush in working in a retail store, was not the most enjoyable, but I have been doing it for so long, I sort of just dealt with it. Christmas eve was an alright day. I had to work, so anything and everything you could think of went wrong. I was dropping things and stuff like that so it started off rough. Then I was trying to design an end, and the store manager came by and was critizing, and then one of my coworkers was being a pain in the butt, and was attempting to boss me around, and then was making fun of me. And enough was enough, so I had a minor breakdown in the bathroom. But then when work was over I came home to a fondue dinner with my family which was nice. Then like traditions past, we each got to open one gift. And then we watched National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. I however only saw the first 20 min or so and then I fell alseep!!
Christmas morning we were up around 730, which is late for our house. The "children" opened their stockings and then the parents opened theirs. And then my mom played Santa as she passed out gifts, and we watched as each person opened their gift. I was quite spoiled, I got some children's books (all four of the Robert Munch collection series, and Charlottes Web) Some teacher stamps (super cool), a new jewelery box, a popcorn maker, some perfume and other goodies. I was spoiled! Then we spent the day just relaxing. A couple of girls who I went to high school with stopped by and we caught up. And then that night we had our huge turkey dinner which was soooo good. Then that night me and my sisters went for a drive to look at lights, and to drive by Future Shop to see the idiots in line. (on a side note I read in the paper that the guy who was first in line was there around 4pm on the 24th!!!!!!). Boxing day I was a sucker for deals, and I hit the mall, but didn't last long. It was really really busy. However I did clean up on some good deals. And I jumped on the apple train and I bought myself an iPod!!! It is a video 30G. I got it at Costco, so it would have been that price at any time. But I just had this desire to have one. So that has been my newest toy, putting music on it and playing games. And then yesterday I bought a little FM transmitter thing so that I could play it in my car!
All and all it was a good couple of days. It is just so sad to think that it has come and gone already for another year. I guess now I look forward to New Years. Although as of yet there are no plans in the making!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Wild Lights

Well for the past few years, it has been tradition for me to go to the "Wild Lights" out at the Wildlife park before Christmas. What the park does is sets up a ton of led lights and they are in shapes of animals, flowers, homes etc. It is kind of a cool thing to walk through and look at. And then the train is decorated, and you get to ride the train through the park. I remember one of the first years I went was with Jared, and we were so impressed with these little lights, that gave us so much light. Who would have known the following year the LED lights would be such a big hit! Anyway so Jared and I started going as our "date". We would bundle up, go look at the lights and then go for dinner at the White Spot. Well when we moved to PG two years ago, that tradition was broken. But I have tried to go with my sisters so that I at least get to see the lights! Well Tuesday night, Julia Nicole and I went. Its funny cuz as much as I look forward to it every year, I usually leave and think why did I just pay 10$ for that! Well this year they have added some new features. There is the dragon, which looks pretty cool. And the symphony of lights. There is music playing and the lights move to the beat of the music. It was a fairly warm night, so we didn't freeze! I think the most fun though is to observe the children around you and see how they react to everything. Because seeing anything through children's eyes is always way more beautiful. I was glad that the girls went with me though, because I was sad that Jared and I would not have our date this year since he is still in Prince George. Maybe next year jer :)

Monday, December 18, 2006

So last night Julia, Nicole and I decided to go see Charlotte's Web. The movie is based on the book written by E.B White. I remember reading the book as a child, and I always remember loving the store. I think I even saw the cartoon version of the movie years ago. The previews made the movie look pretty good, but I am such a child at heart it doesn't take much to excite me. During the previews I saw one for Shrek 3 and I got very excited. Anyway the story follows a little girl Fern, and her love for a pig who was born a runt. She saved his life, and as he wins the animals over in the born, they save his life in some ways too. All to the amazing words spun in a web of the wonderful spider Charlotte. I really enjoyed the movie, it was nothing spectacular, or mind blowing, it was just a simple story, very smiliar to the book. There were some kids in the audience and I believe they liked it to. I am thinking this is a book I would like to share with my class someday, and then perhaps show them the movie as a reward. Dakona Fanning, does a great job of Fern. She is such a great actress, althouhg you do not really see her excel in this role. The main characters in the film were the animals, so she was not the center of the film. Wilbur the pig (who was actually played by 100's of pigs) was very cute, and dear Julia could barely contain her excitement. (she loves pigs). So if you are like me and you are a child at heart, or if you remember loving this story as a child I am sure you will enjoy this movie!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

why kids are so priceless....

I forgot to share this in yesterdays blog, so I had to add something this morning.. It happened yesterday when I was teaching, and we were sitting at the show. The band was from PEI, so they were asking the students, any interesting facts that they could share that they knew about PEI. So one of the older boys in the back, puts up his hand and states that it is the smallest province. And the boys of Chucky Danger band said yes you are right, then someone else shared something, and again they were like yes you are right... Then a little boy in the front row (so he was most likely in grade one or so) puts up his hand, and when called he says, "Do you have a Grandpa?" the lead singer of the band, didn't quite hear him, so he was like "what was that.." and the teacher trying not to laugh repeated the question. And I think the lead singer responded quite well. He said "yes I do have a grandpa, in fact we all do, so I guess that is something we all have in common here. People in PEI and BC all have grandpa's"... and then moved on to get another point :) I just thought it was so cute, it just shows how the little mind really works. They will say just about anything!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Happy Feet

So tonight Julia and I wanted to go see a movie, since it is cheap night, and I havent been to a movie in months. So our selection isn't the greatest right now, and we decided that we would bring the kid out in both of us and go see Happy Feet. Right from the begining of the movie, I was enjoying it. The singing, and the dancing, and Mumble is the cutest thing I have ever seen. Even when he grows up, he is still pretty cute, with his piercing blue eyes. I enjoyed the movie though, it kept me laughing and it was highly entertaining. However, there were moments where I wonder how it is suitable for children. It is rated G, however there are a few scenes that I could see to be kind of scary for little ones. I think there was one part that had me take a tiny jump. And the ending was a little far fetched. However, I do have to keep in mind that it is a children's movie, and for that it was entertaining. And I kind of wish I could take Mumble home and keep him as a pet... Speaking of, I saw a preview for Charlotte's Web and Jules and I have decided we need a pet pig... I bet you can guess what movie I am going to see in the near future ;) Now I know why I am an elm. school trained teacher. I am still a kid at heart!

streak is over... (hopefully)

So I got up this morning, like every other morning and started getting ready for the day with hopes the phone would ring. And around 650am it did just that. It actually made me jump a little when it rang, I haven't heard it do it that early in so long! haha. So I was called to go to an Elm. school to play librarian/prep teacher. So I packed a lunch and headed out. Lucky for me the roads were clear, so it didn't actually take me as long as I thought it would to get there. Anyway so the librarian was there this morning, he had a workshop to go to, so we chatted and he told me about the day. It seemed pretty easy. At 9am I picked up the grade 5 class and took them to the computer lab. They did "all the right type" and then they got to play educational games. Then I took them back to class. Then i went and got the grade 2 class, but we just went to the gym for a performance. It was four young guys from PEI, I think they called themselves Chucky Danger Band. They were very entertaining (and not bad looking I must say haha). The four of them came out, dressed alike in Black suits, and they had all the little ones dancing in their seats! Some of the lyrics I think would have gone over the student's head (and maybe for the best) but regardless the students all seemed to really enjoy the show. Then it was recess... And then after recess I took the grade 6 class for 45 min. Then I was on my lunchbreak from 1130-1230 because I had to have the library open for students at 1230. So I did that. Then this afternoon I was with the grade one class, we got new books from the library, I read them a story, and then we went to the gym for PE. They were definatly a lively bunch. And it made me so happy to be back in the teaching environment again. Then the last 30 min I got to shelf books. It was a really good day that went by very fast! I can only hope this means I get a few more calls this month before Christmas break. I missing being in the action :)