Thursday, January 25, 2007

Playstation games...

So last week Julia decided to buy PlayStation 2. I know, I know we are behind in the times, they just released the third one. But before that we had game cube, and then regular nintento! Anyway the reason she wanted to buy a ps2 is because she wanted to play this game called Singstar. So she bought the game station at Costco which came with an ATV racing game and Basketball, and my mom bought her the singstar game. So that day we came home, and she was like you have to just try and sing. And I was like I can't sing.. But I figured it would be fun. Which it is. We spent a couple of hours just singing along, challenging each other for points. Cuz you see you don't have to actually be good at singing to win. All you have to do is be able to follow the tune to a degree, whether it is in tune or not doesn't seem to matter! Then the other day my other sister came home with the American Idol game. So it is another singing game, but this time you get to pick your character and you get to sing in front of the judges! Let me tell you the game is addicting... And last but not least, two days ago Julia came home with Dance Dance Revolution!! I have learned that not only can I not sing, I have no coordination whatsoever. But it is tons of fun. Plus I figure it can help with the coordination, and the active moment, is the closest I am going to get to working out! I am too lazy to go jump on the treadmill, but to make a fool of myself on a dance pad is right up my alley :) Like this afternoon Paula and I danced for an hour. And I actually started to get good! yay for me. So while I may not be getting any teaching calls, I am learning how to dance and how to sing :) haha... maybe I should drop the teaching thing and just audition for Canadian Idol........ YAH right!!

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