Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Catch and Release

On Saturday night, my sister and I attempted to go to the movies to see Catch and Release. However, it was so busy there, and the other person who was meeting us was late, so we didn't get to see the movie. So we went for appies instead. Last night we tried to go again, and this time we were successful. For those of you who don't knwo the story line it is about a girl named Grey (played by Jennifer Garner) who's fiance dies on his batchelor party weekend. So it is her story discovering herself and who he really was. The movie had its moments where you were on the verge of tears, but thanks to Kevin Smith, he had you laughing moments later. I really like Jennifer Garner as an actress so I enjoyed this movie. But I think for me Kevin Smith made the movie. I find him very funny, and I usually enjoy the films that he is a part of. I am not sure that this movie is necessarily one to rush to the theatres to see, but it is def. worth the rent!

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