Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Countrify My Soul!

Well last night I attended the Emerson Drive concert, and I had so much fun. Since August when a country radio station started up here again in Kamloops, I have sort of crossed over, and I have begun to really enjoy country music. I was always a fan, but not as much as I am now. So when I first heard that Emerson Drive was coming to town, I was excited, but didn't think anyone would go with me.. Well in the middle of February when I heard there were still tickets (perhaps not always a good sign) I figured what the heck. So Julia and I bought tickets for Paula's birthday. So last night the three of us went for dinner at Kelly O's (such good food) and then made our way to the Interior Savings Building. The first act was a girl named Jessie Ferrall who is sort of just breaking out into the scene. I thought she was pretty good, but she only sang 5 songs. Out next was Shane Yellowbird... Appearantly I don't listen to the country station enough because I was sort of unsure who he was too.. But it turns out he has only been around this last year, and only really has one single out (which once I heard I recognized.).. Finally around 9pm it was the moment we were all waiting for... Emerson Drive on stage. The energy the lead singer Brad Mates had was absolutly amazing. He kept going for an hour and a half. They have a fiddle player who was also amazing, and the keyboard player is from kamloops which is an added bonus. The first few songs they sang, I recognzied (since I do have their new album Countrfied Soul) but I didn't really know the words so I sort of just sat back and enjoyed. Then they sang a couple of their older songs, including I think one of my favorite songs "If you were my girl". They ended the show with their newest hit "Countrfied Soul" which was done really well, and it was amazing to see it live... however as all bands do, I knew they were coming back for an encore, since I know they do a cover of that song "Devil down in Georgia" (or whatever it is called) which showed off once again the amazing talents of the fiddle player. And then last song of the encore was another great song by them "Still got Yesterday".
One thing I found interesting about this concert was that instead of a mosh pit at the front of the stage where everyone pushes and shoves, and the back half of the floor (where there were no seats) there were many of the country fans, two stepping and just having a great time which was nice to see.. And I think one of the highlights for us 3 girls audience wise, was watching the little girl in front of us. She had to have been only about 8 years old, but she was singing along to every song, clapping her hands, and just really enjoying the show. So it was a show for all ages :) Emerson Drive is coming back for Merritt Mountain Music fest, and I am now kind of kicking myself, I wish I had gotten tickets.. Oh well in the meantime I can continue to enjoy the album, and the memories of a great evening!!

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